Connect With Liberty's chat features include: 

Instant Messenger
When logged in to the website, you are able to see a list of all of your friends who are currently online. If a friend has been inactive for a few minutes, they'll appear as idle with a half-moon indicator.

User to user chat
You can chat with friend in real-time with our instant messaging system. We use live communication relay servers to make sure your replies appear instantly.

Feel like hanging out and talking with anyone on the site? Click on the "multiple people" icon and click "The Lobby" to enter the public chat room. Anyone can join the chat! We host special chat events to cover political debates and presidential addresses. 

You can also access "The Lobby" chatroom by clicking on the Chat tab which is located on our main menu bar.

Video chat with friends.
In an instant message conservation, you can click the video icon at the top right of the conversation box to see different conversation options. To start a video chat with your friend, click the "Start a Video Call" button. You'll have the option of allowing only your mic and not your webcam if you're webcam shy.

Pop Out Chat. 
Have too many chat windows? Condense them into a user-friendly list-view layout by clicking "Pop Out Chat" button in the upper right of any instant message box to open the new pop out chat window.

Turn off chat / appear unavailable to chat.
Going rogue? On the main "Chat" box, click on the "cog" icon in the upper right hand corner and unselect "Available to chat" to appear offline. You can also click the "Hide chat" icon on the far bottom right of the page (the green switch).

Still need help? Please visit our Support page.

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